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Auto-3D: Automated Reverse Engineering of Printed Circuit Board Design

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Reverse Engineering of Printed Circuit Board


The verification of PCB design for failure analysis, proving evidence of IP theft by a competitor, and reverse engineering for product development or resurgence is a complex process requiring tools and experienced personnel. This process often requires time consuming destructive or expensive nondestructive tools for design derivation. X-ray volumetric analysis is used to collect 3D volume information from a PCB, and the Auto-3D system is capable of assisted and automated PCB netlist extraction. Auto-3D is developed upon open-source software capable of working with any X-ray tool equipped with adequate resolution and volumetric data collection.

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Navid Asadi-Zanjani

University of Florida

Mark Tehranipoor

University of Florida

John True

University of Florida

Dhwani Mehta

University of Florida